School is in Session

School resumed yesterday, and it will take some time to get used to the schedule of the daily grind. Summer was too kind to me.

I was able to accomplish one of my goals yesterday: incorporating technology on day one.

padlet logo


For class introductions, I had the students post to a Padlet wall and describe themselves using only six words. The students were a bit surprised when I asked them to take their cell phones out and put them on their desks. Padlet worked great, and the students were able to add to the wall quite easily from the mobile site. Now that I have introduced Padlet to my students, I plan on using it as a bell work activity in the future. I even had some adept students figure out how to post pictures, which they used to accompany their introductions.

I posted the link to each class’ Padlet on the respective class group in Edmodo. This allowed students to check out the introductions when they got home. It will be interesting to see if students will use the same six words to describe themselves at the end of the school year.

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