Getting Organized


The summer is quickly winding down, but I was able to accomplish one huge task before I head back to school. In the hopes of having a better library of comics at my disposal, I finally organized the great mess that was my comic collection. Over the past year, I have been regularly collecting, but I wasn’t keeping up with reading them all as I worked on my master’s degree. Thus, I had a lot of comics randomly stuffed in my comic boxes.

I used the site Comic Book Database to keep a digital record of my comics. The site is easy to use and provides a multitude of reports to keep track of your collection and wishlist. As I add issues to my collection, the site will automatically organize it alphabetically. I can also save a digital copy of my collection (in Excel format) and have a handy reference of my collection.


In regards to the classroom, this helps me know what comics I have available when I think of a way to incorporate my comics in class. Not all are suitable for the classroom, but at least I now know exactly what I have in my collection. Now I just need to catch up on reading all of them.



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